India's Fastest
Emergency Response System

We connect life-saving data from our public safety ecosystem to first responders and nodal agencies, fastest!


Transformative Technology to Save Lives

Sachait provides right rich, contextual emergency information to right authorities so that you get help fastest in emergencies


Medical Emergency


Woman Safety


Elderly Emergency

How we work?


Life saving emergency data such as Live Feed and Location from our devices reach first responders within seconds.


Using the critical information, the first responders assess the emergency situation by watching live audio-video feeds.


Depending on the nature of emergency, the situation is then escalated to the concerned authorities such as Police, Hospitals, Fire Department etc.

4.Get Immediate Help

Corcerned authorities, now equipped with all the emergency data, dispatch immediate help.

Redefining Emergency Response in India

Critical Information

Information from our IoT devices include GPS Location, Live Audio Video Feed, Medical Profiles to equip first responders with more data.

Mass Notification

First responders and nodal agencies get instantly notified of the emergency situation in milliseconds, thus improving response times.

Simple, Secure Deployment

All our devices are easy to set up and use. We'll keep you safe and your data secure.

Join the Sachait Ecosystem today

Recieve , Assess and Escalate crucial information to the concerned authority using the Sachait systems.

No WiFi, No Problem.
Our devices will notify you even if someone cuts off the WiFi.
Install and forget.
All our sensors are wireless and last more than 2 years
Professional Monitoring Services.
Sachait will request emergency dispatch to your address whenever you need it most.
IoT to the rescue!
Get instant alerts on your Sachait app when any sensor is triggered.
100% Swadeshi
Proudly designed and manufatured by our team in India.

Peace of mind starts with being 'Sachait'

100% Designed and Made in India
Sachait feels immensly proud in presenting a world class Swadeshi product and contributing it's part to empower the Indian economy.

Come join us in making security accessible for every Indian.

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